I have been travelling a lot since my childhood. In fact i have visited almost all the religious and pilgrimage places across India. I have cherished great moments that i have captured it on my camera every place i have visited. I have started this blog to share my experiences at the places visited.All the photographs published in this blog have been taken by me.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adgitize Payment received.

Well, this is my 50th Post and what better way to post other than your earnings. YES!!.

I have received my first payment from Adgitize after a long 2 year journey with Adg.
Here's the proof of the payment received from Adg.

Thanks to Adg. It's has been a wonderful journey with Adgitize team and many thanks to Ken Brown and team for timely advice and suggestions.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A rare spectacle.

                           After a bright sunny day, i expected good photographs of the sky and setting Sun. The outcome of the pictures taken was not what i had hoped for. It is truly a marvel what nature can offer us if we preserve the nature. In all photographs published here, one will get an impression that these are the photographs taken out of volcano eruption and flow of Lava aftermath. Take a look at the blazing and radiant rays sprouting of the clouds even while litting up the clouds.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is Moon in the Picture?

A tricky question. Is Moon in the picture? The first impression one will get when one sees the picture is YES. But after reading the post, the doubts will certainly be cleared. this is what i experienced.

                               Well, This was another photo session late in the evening and darkness had almost ascended. After a hot and bright sunny day, i was surprised to see the dark clouds appearing from nowhere. This prompted me to take some photos. When i took the picture above and previewed, i was surprised to see the Moon which is visible in the photograph.The same was not visible to my naked eye. This prompted me take another Photo.

                               Again, in the photo below, the moon is quite visible. At first i thought it must be unique and special. It was not visible to the naked eye and here it appears again and again when i take a shot. Later i slowly checked on the camera lens and voila, there lied the secret to this miracle. It was a tiny dust particle which was appearing on the photo in the shape of the Moon.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sun playing with Clouds.

The pictures published below were shot a couple of days back in broad daylight. It was hot and humid and above it was  very cloudy as well. I thought it would make a good photo session.

 the sunsrays falling on the clouds and the clouds creating an effect.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Make the right moves.

This is an off schedule, but as important a post for my readers.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Art in the Sky, by Nature.

                              What a painting this has turned out to be? If that's what you are thinking, then it is not painted by me. It is a painting by the God himself, with Sky as the canvas he has used and the Sun's rays as the colors used.
Just marvel at its beauty.
                              A first impression that one gets at the sight of these Photographs is an appreciation of the Art. In fact my Son, who is 5 years old, waas appreciating me thinking that i had painted this really well, though i know that i have never painted in my life seriously.

                                This appreciation from my son should definitely go to Nature and its creator for bringing out such a beautiful natural Art in the Sky. As is clearly visible there are no clouds with clear sky around. The only clouds that are visible are the ones in the Picture. It was around the time when the Sun was about to settle down into the Arabian Sea when i shot these pictures.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it a Volcano eruption?

The Sun was hot that it's red rays lit up the clouds and it looked like there was an Volcano Eruption. The effect was a treat to watch.
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